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Having the correct commercial contracts and agreements in place for a business is crucial to ensuring that a business works efficiently. The main purpose of a business contract is to provide a concise framework to govern a specific commercial transaction or relationships with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Commercial business contracts can cover a variety of issues, from termination rights and intellectual property to compensation in the event of a breach of contract.

Businesses of all sizes rely on commercial contracts. Therefore, businesses should ensure that proper contracts are in place to reduce the chance of disputes arising and putting strain on business relationships. It is important to have an experienced commercial contract solicitor on your side to ensure that all business contracts are negotiated and reviewed effectively.

How our business contract solicitors can assist

At South Bank Legal, our commercial contract solicitors can be instructed to draft and review business contracts and ensure that clients are aware of the implications and obligations of each contract. Our business contract solicitors have vast experience servicing traditional sectors, including manufacturing and retail and newer digital economy businesses.

Clients routinely instruct our commercial contract solicitors to prepare and advise on a variety of commercial agreements. Our business contract solicitors have experience dealing with:


Our Media and technology solicitors also advise innovative technology businesses on matters regarding commercial contracts. In this field, we are experts in drafting and negotiating contracts such as:


Our commercial contract solicitors have experience preparing, negotiating and reviewing new and ongoing business contracts for businesses of all sizes. We provide expert legal advice for businesses regarding commercial contracts, contract disputes and the implementation of new commercial contracts. We also advise on complex areas of law regarding business contracts and commercial arrangements.


Commercial contract disputes


Commercial contract disputes may arise if the law on a particular subject within the contract is unclear. A well drafted contract can help to avoid any legal uncertainty by including express provisions in order to reduce any application of any uncertain legal rules.

Commercial contract disputes may also arise if the language used within a business contract is unclear. Any business contract should be drafted in clear terms to avoid any potential disputes. A contract term that is unclear may be construed against the party relying on it.

South Bank Legal can assist in the resolution of any business contract dispute.


Commercial contract reviews


It is essential that business contracts are kept up to date to ensure that they remain appropriate for a particular business as the law and trading environments are constantly changing.

It is crucial to review and redraft commercial business contracts when a business has been involved in a contract dispute. A review and redraft will also be required when a term in a contract that leaves a business exposed to future disputes is discovered.

Commercial contract solicitors can review contracts based on a business’s specific requirements.

For example, we can explain a business’s obligations regarding a termination of a contract and advise businesses on how to enforce contractual obligations against another party involved.

Commercial contract solicitors can also identify any gaps or weaknesses in a business’s commercial contracts and allow such weaknesses to be remedied in a controlled environment.


Why choose South Bank Legal commercial contract solicitors?


Our B2B contract solicitors will take the time to understand your business “inside out”. By understanding how your business operates and your commercial objectives, our commercial law team can focus on the real legal issues. Commercial agreements and transactions tend to flow more smoothly and cost effectively that way.

Clients who instruct our business to business contract solicitors to prepare, negotiate or review business contracts can expect to receive advice and legal documentation that is clear. Legal advice is not worth much if it is cloaked in legal jargon. Likewise, a well-crafted business contract will be certain in its terms to simplify its implementation and management and to minimise the risk of a commercial dispute. You can focus on delivering profits.

If your business needs a commercial agreement reviewed or prepared, you can contact us today for a confidential discussion about your requirements. Contact us via email at info@southbanklegal.com or telephone 0203 1266 584 for a confidential discussion with a commercial contract solicitor today.

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