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Commercial Solicitors Birmingham: Commercial Litigation

commercial solicitors Birmingham

Commercial Litigation Birmingham

Commercial law encompasses a range of legal services that are designed to support businesses when they are actively making a financial gain from their products and services.

Commercial law can be complex, and legal issues can arise between persons and businesses for a wide range of reasons. Corporate law disputes are often quite serious as they can have a major impact on the day to day running of a business and may lead to financial implications.

It is crucial to have an experienced corporate solicitor on your side in order to reach a settlement that benefits you with minimal stress. Commercial lawyers can provide expert legal advice on how to proceed with your commercial law dispute.

At South Bank Legal, our commercial solicitors, Birmingham, understand that it is essential to protect our client’s investments and agreements to allow them to conduct business confidently. Our UK company law solicitors represent businesses across Birmingham, the UK and globally, across a broad range of industries. Our approach is to know clients’ businesses inside out, be there when you need us and deliver practical and creative solutions.


Commercial solicitors Birmingham


The role of a business law solicitor is to assist in the drafting and negotiation of business contracts and business transactions. They also help resolve commercial disputes that may arise. Commercial solicitors usually have a specialist practice area within commercial law.

A commercial solicitor’s duties are dependent on the area the commercial lawyer works in. Generally, their transactional work focuses on protecting their client’s business interests when they enter into business agreements and identifying any potential risks that may cause issues further down the line.

Commercial solicitors often create contracts that are necessary for projects and ventures with other companies and employees. Commercial lawyers often spend a great deal of time researching matters regarding commercial law. This is because the laws and regulations are ever-changing and can impact a business, even when the business owner has agreed on terms previously.

Commercial solicitors try to keep commercial matters away from the courtroom as much as possible, and they use various resolution tactics in order to achieve this.


Types of commercial law agreements we assist with

Our commercial lawyers, Birmingham deal with a variety of commercial and employment law agreements, including the following:



It is important to make the right decisions in the world of business. You must act knowledgeably and carefully when entering into business transactions. Running a business can bring many opportunities as well as challenges. Instructing the correct legal team to provide highly experienced legal advice is paramount to your case.

Our corporate lawyers are well equipped to ensure that your business transactions run efficiently and smoothly and can provide the assistance you need in the most commercial manner.


Commercial solicitors Birmingham: Our approach to commercial law disputes


As well as assisting with commercial contracts, we also have extensive experience in dealing with commercial litigation as the result of a dispute. Some of the main commercial law disputes we assist with include:

  • Financial services disputes and debt recovery
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes
  • Commercial contract disputes
  • Restrictive covenant disputes


Commercial solicitors will usually attempt alternative dispute resolution (ADR) before proceeding to court litigation. The recommended alternative methods of resolving commercial law disputes includes arbitration, mediation or an early neutral evaluation of the dispute.

The first stage of dispute resolution involves the commercial lawyers that are acting for both parties to enter into correspondence with the other party. This correspondence will then help to determine the best option of ADR for the commercial law case.

Alternative dispute resolution methods are often more time-efficient. These methods can be more successful at taking all parties’ business interests into account whilst being cost effectively appropriate. Alternative dispute resolution can also offer a chance for the parties involved to repair their business relationship for their own mutual benefit.

If these methods prove to be unsuccessful, our commercial dispute solicitors have the experience needed to guide you through the court proceedings and represent your case in the courtroom.

We work closely with companies to manage different business interests and avoid disputes arising. Our commercial lawyers can arrange for settlement where viable and present arguments and motions before courts if the commercial case proceeds into court litigations.


How can South Bank Legal assist?


South Bank Legal are a commercial law firm offering a full range of commercial legal services to those located in Birmingham and beyond as we offer a global service. We have the necessary skills to assist in almost every aspect of your business. Our skills range from basic business incorporation and compliance issues, to trade mark and copyright advice, to drawing up and negotiating the finer details of business contracts.

Delivering tailored commercial agreements and advice to business clients – customers or suppliers alike – is at the core of our business solicitors’ expertise. We think that it’s important to work to the time frames a client requires to capitalise on their business opportunity.

Our UK commercial lawyers will resolutely negotiate the terms of a commercial agreement with your interests in mind, but we will not argue for the sake of it. Negotiating a commercial agreement is a golden opportunity to get a business relationship off to a flying start.

For businesses who sell to consumers, our commercial solicitors, Oxford are on top of recent legislative changes.

For more information, you can contact South Bank Legal via email at info@southbanklegal.com or telephone 0203 1266 584 for a confidential discussion with a corporate commercial solicitor today.

We are based in central London, offering a local and national service as we have the ability to operate remotely.


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