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Consumer Rights Act 2015

Consumer Law and Consumer Rights Act 2015 Compliance

Consumer Rights Act 2015 Solicitors

Our UK consumer rights solicitors can help you manage the intricacies of new legislation in this field. The landscape has recently changed for businesses transacting with consumers.

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 has come into effect and brought with it clearer and stronger protection for consumers in respect of goods, services and digital content.

Some of the rights and remedies introduced by the Act include:

  • Digital content. Consumers’ rights are extended to “digital content”, that is, data supplied in digital form (for example, music or movie downloads). Digital content must be of satisfactory quality, be fit for purpose and comply with its description. Depending on the circumstances, consumers have the right to a refund, or to have the digital content repaired or replaced.
  • Excluding liability. Any attempt by a business to completely exclude liability for failure to provide services with reasonable skill and care, or to limit that liability to a monetary sum that is less than the contract price being paid, is now void. It is therefore vital that businesses providing services to consumers review their terms of business for exclusion clauses that are void and unenforceable.
  • Remedies of price reduction and repeat performance. With respect to goods, price reductions can be claimed by consumers if repair or replacement is unsuccessful or unavailable. With respect to services, repeat performance may be claimed if a service provider fails to exercise reasonable skill and care, and a price reduction may be available in some circumstances, including where consumers are not provided with services in reasonable time.

Our Consumer law solicitors can navigate you through the new regulatory environment,  advising you on and helping you implement compliance-related changes to your marketing material, contractual documents and pre and post-sale procedures.

Equally, our consumer disputes solicitors act for individual consumers in disputes with big business. We have conducted group actions against large corporations and represented a national consumer law regulator in its crackdown on misleading and deceptive practices in the property industry.

If you are a business owner reviewing your documentation and procedures, or a consumer wanting to know and enforce your rights, you can contact us for a confidential discussion today.