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Supplier Terms of Business

Commercial Contracts: Supplier Terms and Conditions

Supplier T&C Solicitors

Our B2B contracts solicitors know the value of clearly and expertly prepared supplier terms and conditions. A firm using comprehensive and clear standard terms of business can deal on its own terms and there is less scope for lengthy and costly contractual negotiations at the outset. Our business contract solicitors are experienced and commercially focussed and can act for both new startups and more established firms in documenting their business to business and business to consumer terms and conditions.

Despite the temptation that may arise for startup businesses, the use of template agreements should be avoided. Whether you are selling goods, digital content or providing professional services, we will get to know your business and draft supplier terms and conditions that are specifically tailored to your offerings. Our London B2B solicitors are cost effective and clients generally find that our work pays for itself.

For businesses engaging in the sale of goods, our t&c solicitors will take you through some of the essentials for your standard terms and conditions, including:

  • The process for accepting an order – including whether you have to accept orders at all.
  • How to tackle the battle of the forms – where each party to the contract tries to ensure that their standard terms and conditions, not the other party’s, govern the contract.
  • When will the customer be deemed to have accepted the goods? When does risk in the goods pass to the customer?
  • Will the seller retain title to the goods (by way of a retention of title clause) until the sale price has been paid in full?
  • Will any guarantees and warranties be provided in relation to the goods over and above what is prescribed by the relevant statutes (for example, the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and the Sale of Goods Act 1979)

If you are a service provider, such as a professional services firm, looking to develop standard terms of business, South Bank Legal can prepare contractual documentation that enhances the professional reputation of your firm and takes into account any rules and regulations specific to your profession. You can contact us for a confidential discussion today.