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Corporate Acquisitions

Corporate AcquisitionCompany Sale Solicitors UK

Our company sale solicitors have a keen eye for detail when acting in the sale and purchase of companies.

For a buyer, there is much to be cautious about before signing on the dotted line. Buying the shares in a company means also inheriting that company’s liabilities and imperfections. Purchasers therefore need the right company acquisition solicitor on board to help with their due diligence enquiries, so that transactions are entered into on the basis of all available information, and that the purchase price can be negotiated downward where the due diligence phase uncovers issues that affect a company’s value.

However some transactions need to complete under urgent circumstances, including where a company is being rescued by incoming funders. In these cases, company sale and purchase solicitors should work with appropriate speed, looking to secure additional warranties and indemnities in the share purchase agreement, or to deploy mechanisms such as deferred consideration, to safeguard a purchaser’s interests.

Where our company sale solicitors act for the seller of the shares, we will take the effort to get to know our client’s business inside out. This makes it easier to (for example), spot warranties in the draft share purchase agreement that just don’t belong in the transaction. Clients should enjoy the fruits of the transaction after it has completed and move on to their next life challenge, rather than worry about post completion paperwork.

Our UK company sale solicitors have acted in multi-million pound disposals of companies that have been our clients since they were small start-ups. If you are in talks to sell your company, have identified an acquisition target and need to kick-off due  dilligence, or simply need to discuss how best to prepare your company for a sale in the future, You can contact an M&A solicitor today for a confidential discussion.