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Corporate Compliance

Corporate Compliance

Corporate and Regulatory Compliance Solicitors in London

We are a law firm specialising in company compliance legal issues.

The regulatory regime for UK companies has been updated relatively recently, by the Companies Act 2006. Our corporate compliance solicitors can help company directors and secretaries alike to clearly understand the rules, identify what is important and provide a cost effective one-stop shop for compliance with statutory formalities and procedures.

The regulatory environment is constantly on the move. Fines and civil penalties can be levied on company officers under the Companies Act so up to date knowledge and a diligent approach is required. For example, since April 2016, UK companies must maintain a register of people with significant control (PSC register). A PSC register is a record of those who own or control a company. The PSC register requirement is a Government response to our changing times and has been introduced to counter tax evasion, money laundering and other crimes that could have been easier to commit via anonymous interest holdings in companies.

Other, more traditional, regulatory and corporate compliance matters that regulatory solicitors can assist on are:

  • Company formation.
  • Advising directors on their duties under the Companies Act 2006.
  • Advising on and attending to a company’s statutory filing requirements triggered by events such as the appointment or removal of directors or the allotment of shares.
  • Maintaining and reconstituting a company’s compulsory statutory registers, such as the register of members and the register of directors and secretaries.
  • Compliance with Part 18 of the Companies Act for limited companies purchasing their own shares.
  • Compliance issues associated with a company’s distribution of dividends to its shareholders.
  • Dealing with and forwarding correspondence from Companies House.

Our corporate compliance lawyers will seek to form a long-lasting relationship with you and provide a cost effective corporate compliance strategy for your business. For more information or to speak to an expert London company compliance solicitor confidentially, please get in touch.