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Technology Start Ups

Technology Start UpsTech and Fintech Startup Solicitors UK

Our technology solicitors advise a range of technology and Fintech startups on the spectrum of legal issues commonly encountered by entrepreneurs in these fields. Our Fintech startup solicitors are technology savvy and deliver  services in a cost effective manner, tailored to the budget of a young business and leaving you free to focus on product and business development.

Our technology startup solicitors offer legal advice and services focussing on key issues such as:

  • Advising on the best legal vehicle to conduct the business, be it a limited company, limited liability partnership, or alternative structure.
  • Ensuring that, where there is more than one individual founder of the startup, the founders have an agreement between themselves – very often a shareholders’ agreement – that regulates and governs their relationship.
  • The security and protection of the intellectual property rights embodied in the product itself. For example, who authored the software and owns the copyright and other IP rights in it? Will those rights be in turn licensed to the business vehicle under a formal written agreement? How are intellectual property rights and trade secrets protected in conversations with potential investors and customers?
  • Website compliance; ensuring that websites and any online trading activities comply with applicable commerce and data protection legislation.
  • Regulating the rights of their engaged to work for the startup. Whether workers are employees or consultants, it is best to document those rights to protect the business.

Once the legal framework of your business has been constructed you may have medium and longer term goals in mind, such as building additional revenue streams through commercially exploiting your product rights or securing investment and funding. Our Fintech startup solicitors know the sorts of questions that potential investors ask and what their lawyers look out for. We are confident that our forward-thinking guidance will help you realise your business goals.

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