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Intellectual Property Commercialisation

Intellectual Property Commercialisation

Intellectual Property Commercialisation Solicitors

Our IP commercialisation solicitors understand the process of bringing IP to market to generate revenue and create new business income streams. The legal issues can be complex, so expertly prepared contracts are the key to protecting valuable IP assets and ensuring that the understanding between commercial partners is clear.

Our London IP lawyers can assist technology start-ups, creative entrepreneurs and innovative businesses on all aspects of IP commercialisation, from how to identify an opportunity, through to market launch, through to further growth and development that can lead to high value corporate acquisitions.

South Bank Legal’s IP solicitors bring their of experience to the table to assist in the following aspects of IP commercialisation:

  • Identifying the intellectual property assets. IP assets are usually intangible creations and are afforded different legal classifications, such as copyright, trade marks (both registered and unregistered) and design rights. Where business intellectual property is concerned, it is vital to first understand the range of IP rights that exist, so that all available revenue streams can be maximised.
  • Confidentiality. If you are in preliminary talks with a potential commercial partner to financially exploit your IP, confidentiality is essential. A carefully prepared non-disclosure agreement will provide the comfort needed for business people to frankly discuss and evaluate potential IP commercialisation deals whilst preserving the confidentiality of the relevant IP assets and trade secrets being discussed.
  • IP due diligence and ownership issues. Potential licensors and purchasers of IP assets will want to know that the licensee / vendor has sound legal title to those assets. Often this will result in pre-contractual due diligence queries designed to establish who owns the relevant IP. Businesses should be aware that where IP development is outsourced to non-employees, such as consultants and freelancers, the position in the absence of an agreement to the contrary is that the consultants / freelancers will own the IP rights in the work they A carefully prepared consultancy agreementwhich vests all the IP rights in the business is however a common way to address this issue.
  • Legal forms of commercialisation. Some common forms of commercialisation are assignment of IP rights, licensing of IP rights, agency, reseller and distribution agreements and joint venture agreements. Our intellectual property solicitors routinely negotiate and draft such contracts.

If your business is considering ways of commercialising its IP and you require clear and direct advice on your options from an IP commercialisation solicitorplease get in touch with South Bank Legal today for a confidential discussion.