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commercial contract solicitors

Commercial Contract Solicitors

It is important for a business to have the right contracts and agreements in place to help things run smoothly. Business contracts are documents that set out the rules for a business deal or relationship. They are used with customers, suppliers, contractor staff and other people or organisations involved in the business.

Commercial business contracts can cover a variety of issues. These can include termination rights and intellectual property, and compensation in the event of a breach of contract.

Businesses of all sizes rely on commercial contracts. Therefore, businesses should ensure that proper contracts are in place to reduce the chance of disputes arising and putting strain on business relationships.

It is important to have an experienced commercial contract solicitor on your side to ensure that all business contracts are negotiated and reviewed effectively. 

Commercial contract disputes

Commercial contract disputes may arise if the way a particular subject is dealt with within the contract is unclear. A well drafted contract can help to avoid any legal uncertainty. Including clear and express provisions withing the contract help to reduce the uncertainty that can lead to disputes.

South Bank Legal frequently assist in the resolution of business contract disputes.

Common causes of commercial contract disputes

  • Ambiguous language: If the contract language is vague or open to multiple interpretations, parties may disagree on the meanings of terms or clauses.
  • Non-performance or underperformance: Disputes often arise when one party feels that the other has failed to perform their obligations under the contract to the agreed standard or within the specified timeframe.
  • Breach of contract: This occurs when one party fails to fulfil its contract obligations, leading to losses for the other party.
  • Misrepresentation: If a party entered into a contract based on misleading information, this could lead to a dispute.
  • External factors: Changes in law, unexpected economic shifts, or unforeseen events affecting the feasibility or profitability of the contract can also lead to disputes.

Common types of disputes

  • Payment disputes: Disagreements over the amounts to be paid, timing of payments, or the method of payment.
  • Quality disputes: Issues concerning the quality or specification of goods or services provided under the contract.
  • Confidentiality breaches: Disputes arising from alleged unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information.
  • Contract termination: Conflicts over the conditions under which a contract may be terminated prematurely.

Resolution Methods

  • Negotiation: Parties may try to resolve the dispute among themselves informally. This is often the fastest and least expensive method.
  • Mediation: A neutral third party, the mediator, helps both sides come to a mutually acceptable resolution.
  • Arbitration: An arbitrator (or a panel) listens to both sides and makes a decision that is usually binding.
  • Litigation: When alternative dispute resolutionmethods fail, or a binding decision is necessary, parties may resort to taking the dispute to court. This is often more costly and time-consuming.

Commercial contract reviews

The law is constantly changing. For this reason, it is essential that business contracts are kept up to date. This helps to ensure that they remain appropriate for a particular business.

It is crucial to review and redraft commercial business contracts when a business has been involved in a contract dispute. A review and redraft will also be required when a term in a contract that leaves a business exposed to future disputes is discovered.

Commercial contract solicitors can review contracts based on a business’s specific requirements.

For example, we can explain a business’s obligations regarding termination of a contract. We can also advise businesses on how to enforce contractual obligations against another party involved.

Commercial contract solicitors can identify any gaps or weaknesses in a business’s commercial contracts. They can allow such weaknesses to be remedied in a controlled environment.

How our commercial contract solicitors can assist

At South Bank Legal, our commercial contract lawyers can be instructed to draft and advise on a range of commercial contracts to ensure clients are aware of the implications and obligations of each commercial agreement.

Our commercial contract solicitors have vast experience servicing traditional sectors, including manufacturing and retail and newer digital economy businesses.

Clients routinely instruct our solicitors to prepare and advise on a wide range of commercial contracts including:

Our Media and technology solicitors also advise innovative technology businesses on matters regarding commercial contracts. In this field, we are experts in drafting and negotiating contracts such as:

Our commercial contract solicitors have experience preparing, negotiating and reviewing new and ongoing business contracts for businesses of all sizes. We provide expert legal advice for businesses regarding commercial contracts, contract disputes and the implementation of new commercial contracts. We also advise on complex areas of law regarding business contracts and commercial arrangements.

Commercial Contract Solicitors FAQ’s

What steps does South Bank Legal take to ensure a contract is legally sound and commercially viable?

South Bank Legal’s solicitors meticulously review every aspect of a contract to ensure it aligns with legal requirements and business objectives. We conduct comprehensive risk assessments to safeguard against potential legal issues and ensure that the contract supports our clients’ commercial strategies effectively.

How does South Bank Legal approach contract negotiations with difficult parties?

Our solicitors employ a combination of strategic negotiation techniques and deep legal knowledge to handle challenging negotiations. We aim to find common ground whilst ensuring our clients’ interests are fully protected.

In what ways can South Bank Legal assist businesses in international trade?

We provide guidance on international commercial contracts, helping businesses understand the complexities of cross-border regulations, trade laws, and cultural considerations. Our solicitors ensure that international agreements comply with applicable laws and meet the strategic goals of our clients.

What is the importance of customising contracts for different industries, and how does South Bank Legal address this need?

Different industries have unique risks, regulations, and market practices that require tailored contract terms. South Bank Legal specialises in customising contracts to reflect the specific needs and challenges of each industry. This helps in ensuring relevance and robust protection for our clients.

Can South Bank Legal assist with the termination of a contract, and what are the considerations involved?

Yes, we can guide businesses through the process of contract termination. We focus on the legal grounds for termination, potential liabilities, and the strategic approach to minimise conflict and loss. Our advice covers both mutual terminations and contentious dissolutions, aiming to preserve business relationships where possible.

Why choose South Bank Legal?

Our B2B contract solicitors will take the time to understand your business “inside out”. By understanding how your business operates and your commercial objectives, our commercial law team can focus on the real legal issues. Commercial agreements and transactions tend to flow more smoothly and cost effectively that way.

Clients who instruct our business to business contract solicitors to prepare, negotiate or review business contracts can expect to receive advice and legal documentation that is clear. Likewise, a well-crafted business contract will be certain in its terms to simplify its implementation and management and to minimise the risk of a commercial dispute.

If your business needs a commercial agreement reviewed or prepared, contact our law firm today for a confidential discussion about your requirements. Contact us using the form below. Alternatively, you can call us on 02035765179.


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