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Litigation Solicitors London: Dispute Resolution

Litigation Solicitors London

Legal disputes are common and often arise between persons, companies, or local authorities for a variety of reasons. These legal disputes are often time consuming and can have a serious impact on finances and relationships. It is for these reasons that it is important to have an experienced litigation solicitor on your side in order to reach a conclusion on your dispute with minimal stress.

Our litigation solicitors, London, can assist clients by helping parties to resolve disputes in a number of ways. They help by providing specialist legal advice, engaging in alternative dispute resolution methods, such as negotiation or mediation, or through the use of commercial and civil litigation proceedings at court.

South Bank Legal’s ligation solicitors have a track record of delivering cost effective dispute resolution services to businesses and individuals. Our success is based on an unwavering commitment to clients’ objectives and an ability to provide clear and decisive advice in even the most complex commercial litigation matters.

What does a litigation solicitor do?

Litigation solicitors will typically perform various tasks on their clients’ behalf, such as:

·        Drafting any necessary statements of case, witness statements or applications

·        Exchanging information with the other party as part of the disclosure process

·        Choosing a strategy to use in court based on the information their client provides

·        Presenting the case in the courtroom via a barrister

·        Negotiating with the opposing party during the settlement phase of the case

·        Appealing your case if a decision goes against you

Litigation solicitors London: Types of disputes

South Bank Legal have experience dealing with a wide range of legal disputes. We ensure that we give our clients clear and understandable legal advice and that we keep clients informed on the status of their case. Our litigation solicitors have particular expertise in the following areas:

·        Commercial litigation – Our commercial litigation team can assist with legal disputes that arise throughout the course of business and negotiate any settlements. Our commercial litigators have vast experience resolving business disputes and commercial contract disputes.

·        Breach of contract claims – When a party fails to uphold their side of an agreement, it can be expensive and disruptive for others involved. Claiming damages for breach of contract can help the affected party recover their losses.

·        Company disputes and shareholder litigation – Legal disputes can occur internally within companies and businesses. These disputes typically include shareholder and partnership disputes and disagreements.

·        Professional negligence claims – If a professional’s work or advice does not reach the expected standard, they may have breached their duty of care to their client. If their client suffers as a result of this, they could make a claim for professional negligence. We regularly assist in the litigation of professional negligence claims against solicitors, for example.

·        Intellectual property disputes, namely passing off claims, copyright infringement and trade mark infringement.

·        Fraud claims – Our litigation team can assist clients in the recovery of assets and losses following cases of fraud.

·        Insolvency – At South Bank Legal, our company insolvency and bankruptcy solicitors act for companies and individuals in financial difficulty. We also assist creditors seeking debt recovery and help to protect their position in cases of actual or threatened insolvency.

·        Property disputes – Property disputes can occur between landlords and tenants, homeowners and property developers. These disputes typically involve legal issues with contracts, disrepair claims and boundary issues.

If you are currently dealing with a legal dispute, please contact South Bank Legal today to speak with one of our litigation solicitors, London.

Our aim is to cost effectively resolve legal disputes in a short amount of time and to keep our clients out of court when possible. We represent clients in the UK and abroad across a range of industries.

The process of making a claim

When a client initially contacts one of our dispute resolution lawyers for advice, it is the solicitor’s role to analyse their legal claim or defence and discuss the next steps. They will then ask the client questions about their situation and may require further information or documentation to gain a better understanding of how they should proceed with their case.

The litigation solicitor will advise the claimant or defendant on whether they believe they have a strong case or not.

Each case is unique, and the steps in the case will be dependent on the type and complexity of the case. However, in most cases, the solicitor will usually suggest an attempt to settle the case using initial negotiations before proceeding to more formal alternative dispute resolution or court proceedings.

How can South Bank Legal, litigation solicitors, London assist?

Our litigation lawyers handle a range of disputes from complex breach of contract claims and shareholder disputes, to debt recovery proceedings on behalf of businesses. In cases large or small, we consider that it is crucial to control the costs of litigation. This will help to ensure that perspective is not lost and that legal costs do not grow out of proportion to what is at stake.

Our client profile is diverse. As dispute resolution solicitors, we have represented government regulators, political parties and financial institutions. We are equally at home when pursuing the rights of individuals against big business, where a tenacious approach can more than even up the balance of power.

At South Bank Legal, our legal team have experience in all areas of law, including court of appeal and high court matters. Our law firm works closely with our clients and provide the legal services that they need to reach the best conclusion on their case.

For more information, you can contact South Bank Legal via email at info@southbanklegal.com or telephone 02031266584 for a confidential discussion with a dispute resolution solicitor today.

Our litigation solicitors, London, can offer legal services to those located in England and Wales and abroad and are authorised and regulated by the solicitors regulation authority.


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